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MARCELLO AMALFI Doctor of Arts from the University of São Paulo, with a doctoral internship at  Université Paris 8.

Today, Marcello Amalfi is affiliated to several International Institutions, such as ARTA (Ass. de Recherche desTraditions de lActeur, Paris, Fr.); CIRRAS (Center International de Réflexion et de Recherche sur les Arts duSpectacle, Paris, Fr.), APEB (Association of Brazilian Students and Researchers in France), and IFTR (International Federation for Theater Research, NY, USA). He is also a founding member of AURORA, – Pôle derecherche Théâtrale (

He is professor in the Postgraduate course at the Centro Universitário Belas Artes in São Paulo, and also a lecturer and guest professor at various institutions and universities, like Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 (2020, ), Universidade de Lisboa (2020, ), and USP (2020, ).

He is also conductor and coordinator of the Pop Choir project at the Associação Cultura Inglesa do Estado de São Paulo, which he created in 2004.

Furthermore, he is guest editor of the scientific journal Dramaturgias, from the Theatre Department of the University of Brasilia (UnB), where he prepares a dossier entitled “Jean-Jacques Lemêtre: music and scene at the Théâtre du Soleil.Among other distinctions, Marcello Amalfi received excelence scholarships for both masters and doctorate courses from CAPES; wan the Santander International Mobility Prize 2016, which financed the part of the doctoral research that took place at the Cartoucherie in Paris, when Amalfi was invited by Jean-JacquesLemêtre himself. On cinema, he wan the award for Best Soundtrack twice, with “Nossa vida não cabe em umOpala”, by Reinaldo Pinheiro” (2009, CINE PE); and “Hypotheses for Love and Truth” directed by Rodolfo García Vázquez, Screenplay by Ivam Cabral (2015, DropsMagazine). The “Hypotheses…” soundtrack was also nominated for the Best Soundtrack Award in the Brazilian Academy of Cinema.

During the masters and doctorate courses at the University of São Paulo, received the maximum grade in all disciplines attended. In addition, he actively participated in the activities of the theatre department, either as a trainee teacher for some years, or as a member of the organizing committee for the bachelor’s and postgraduate courses, or in the organizing committee of the Ongoing Researches Seminar, SPA – ECA, USP, oras Editor of the Scientific Magazine ASPAS.

Since 2011 he studies the works of Jean-Jacques Lemêtre, becoming his assistant and official translator inBrazil. This relationship supported Amalfi’s master degree’s research on the musician’s work at the Théâtre DuSoleil, which was published as a book titled A MACRO-HARMONIA DA MÚSICA DO TEATRO, the first book originally written in Portuguese about the company, that lead to an invitation for delivering a lecture atCIRRAS (Paris) in 2016, and today is included in the official bibliography of the troupe, and also in their website.

As essayist and translator, among several academic texts, wrote “At the Hawk’s Well A Theoretical andPractical Study about the Music in the Play” published in the ABEI Journal – The Brazilian Journal of IrishStudies”; moreover, translated “A Manifesto for Performative Research, by Brad Haseman, QueenslandUniversity of Technology (QUT), Australia, (2006)” to Portuguese. As educator, developed and taught a University Extension course in Sound design at UNIFESP – FederalUniversity of São Paulo (2014). He was the planner, pedagogical coordinator and manager of CLM, the firstPublic School of regular music education in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil (2009-2010), as well as coordinator of the theatre music course at the CAT in the National Foundation for Arts (FUNARTE, 2007).

He is a Composer for theatre, television and cinema (website: )